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Custom Acrylic Aquariums for Beta Fish & Aquatic Frogs

Notice! - We are sorry to report that this product is no longer on the market. Please find a list of alternative picture frame resources listed below for your convenience.

Because of its watertight acrylic construction, Frame-taztic is the first picture frame that can also be used as a home for goldfish, betta fish, freshwater aquarium frogs and other small aquatic creatures. It makes a great gift and a creative solution for the pet lover who lives in a dorm room or small apartment and cannot spare the space necessary for a full aquarium.

Personalize your miniature betta fish tank by placing a photo in the front, filling the bottom with aquarium rocks or sand and other betta fish bowl decorations, and placing a background photo or decorative paper in the back. Customize your betta fish aquarium decor to match the room, complement your aquatic frog or show your school spirit.

Most any freshwater aquarium fish that can flourish in a small plastic fish bowl environment can be used in Frame-taztic. This unique decorative fish bowl is comparable in size to other betta tanks on the market.

Black betta fish bowl
Blue Acrylic Fish Tank

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About Frame-taztic Plastic Acrylic Picture Frames
These custom picture frames allow you to create your own personalized photo gifts or personalized picture frames for friends or family or to hang on the wall or set on a desk in the home or office. Photo frames are a great way to show off your child's artwork or other favorite memories and theses plastic picture frames hold water and fine objects like wedding sand without leakage. These are acrylic frames so the frame has a high quality look and feel. Of all unique picture frames on the market, this one is the most versatile for displaying your 4x6 and 8x10 pictures.

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